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To distribute and sell products within the Customs Union, producers must undergo mandatory testing and conformity assessment, so that all compliant products display the Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Mark before customs clearance.

This area provides guidance and introduces the framework for importing textiles, leather products, footwear, bags and accessories into the Custom Union under mandatory certification by the Technical Regulations (CU TR).

Approval Process

  • Analysis of product libraries: products sold to Russian market
  • Technical documents review
  • Sampling
  • Shipment of samples to Russian accredited laboratories
  • Factory audit (applicable to CoC application only)
  • Products testing according to safety requirements
  • Issuance of certificates / declarations of conformity

Applicant of Certificates/ Declarations

Russian Declaration of Conformity may only be issued and signed by a registered Russian legal entity / company (as declarant).

  • Russian entities, acting as Representative, authorized by the manufacturer based on the contract;
  • Russian entity legally registered within a member state of the Custom Union;
  • Responsible for conformity of the products and placing the products on the market within the CU territory;
  • Held responsible for all product non-conformity within the CU territory.

Validity of Certificates/ Declarations

Single Shipment: valid for specific contract that may include different shipments during one year to a specific customer

Serial Production: valid for multiple shipments to different Russian buyers for a specific product over a period of time listed on the CoC.

Applicants can request a CoC/ DoC with specific length of validity, however, the standard length for fashion industry is 3 Years. For CoCs valid for multiple years, annual inspection control is required: retesting of the product must take place in a Russian laboratory. The frequency of inspection control is once a year.

  • 1 year
  • 3 years
  • 5 years

Non-conformity of Products to Russian Regulation

In case of detection of soft products, which do not conform with requirements of Technical Regulations and other Technical Regulations (without documents of conformity and (or) without EAC logo, authorized bodies of a member-state of the Customs Union are obliged totake all measures to recall such products within the whole Customs Union.

Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations contain general requirements for the safety of products. The official version is published in the Russian Language. Additional safety requirements are defined in national Russian GOST standards. Since the legal text in the regulation is sometimes confusing and sometimes contradictory, European exporters, especially new market players, are recommended to get the competent support of the Certification partner for the Russian market.


Most consumer products (except toys) for children and teenagers <18 Years, include:

  • Clothes and products of textile, jersey, leather and fur
  • Footwear
  • Child care products and others


Most consumer goods for adults (>18), include:

  • Textile materials
  • Clothes, wearing woven and knitted wear
  • Machine-made carpet rolls, carpet & rugs
  • Leather and textile accessories & haberdashery
  • Felt, fibre and non-woven fabrics
  • Footwear
  • Furs and fur goods
  • Leather and leather goods
  • Artificial leather

CU TR 008/2011 "On Safety of Toys"

Products include:

  • Toys for children under 18 years old

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