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QMCert is the company that Clients want to work with when dealing with Product Conformity Assessment and Certification requirements for Russian Market. Simply because no one care more about the quality of services and no one is more customers oriented than us.

Fashion goods

QMCert offers especially the expertise in Fashion Industry, adding the value throughout each phase of certification process. Our team has many years of experience and solid knowledge about exporting fashion goods into the Russian market and providing a one-stop service.

Testing parameters:

The safety of soft products is estimated according to the following indicators:

  • Mechanical (breaking load, holding strength, flexibility, toughness for shoes);
  • Chemical (maximum allowable emission) of harmful chemical substances into air and (or) aqua environments, the list of which is determined depending on the chemical constitution of a material and (or) products);
  • Biological (hygroscopic properties, air permeability, water absorption, toxicity index, color stability).

Some additional requirements are applied to all consumers goods and are listed in specific GOST standards. The list of controlled substances is determined depending upon a chemical composition of a material and a product type. All requirements are listed in related technical reglements as well in related GOST standards (national Russian regulation).

Products labeling:

Products labeling shall be authentic and readable. Lables have to be placed on a product directly on the product, or on a stitched label, or price tag, or a product packaging. Labeling and product information shall be in the Russian language or a state language of a state member of the Customs union where this product is made and sold to the consumer.

Label shall contain the following obligatory information:

  • product name (in Russian language)
  • name of a manufacturing country
  • name of the manufacturer, the seller or a representative
  • a legal address of the manufacturer, or the seller or a person authorized by the manufacturer
  • size of a product
  • composition des matières premières (en langue russe)
  • a trademark (if available)
  • production date (month/year)
  • warranty obligations of the manufacturer (if necessary)
  • product batch number (if necessary)
  • EAC logo
  • must be applied onto the approved product, packaging or if not possible on the product itself, and on accompany documentation.
  • must conform to the design and dimensional requiremens as shown as above
  • minimum base size not less than 5 mm.
  • must be monochrome and color contrast on the surface to which it is applied.
  • can be printed onto a surface using any method as long as it provides a clear image throughout the service life of the product.

The Swiss quality of our service is our highest priority, which is reflected in our every-day activities. Transparency, trust and customer orientation is our main promise to our clients. We stick to and protect our values. If you feel passionate about it,

and win a trusted partner for the Russian Market.

Russian office:

QMCert Russia GmbH,

Malaya Morskaya 11, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

T: 007 977 482 28 38



German office:

QMCert Germany GmbH,

Stiftsbogen 18, 81375 München, DE, Germany

T: 0049 178 968 80 44